audiotape playback perfected

Thousands of original master tapes survive in record label storage vaults today.


Yet almost no one has heard these legacy recordings played back in their highest fidelity. Please scroll down to learn about our work . . .


Adolph Thal Audio Engineering (ATAE) has been designing and building analog audio magnetic tape reproducers since 1987. These are specialized, state-of-the-art machines optimized for master tape playback.

The old belief that high-band scrape flutter is inaudible in music recordings was disproven in the 1970s. We know that the tape transport mechanism greatly influences the perceived sound quality. If you’d prefer to not rely solely on your ears, the amplitude and time domain distortions introduced in tape playback are readily measurable.

Our newly re-designed Model Two has the lowest unweighted wide-band flutter of any analog audio tape machine ever produced, letting you hear what’s been hidden on heritage recordings for the first time. Like the Model One, our newest platform assures damage-free playback of irreplaceable original master recordings.

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